Single-Handedly: Contemporary Architects Draw by Hand

Nalina Moses

Princeton University Press, 2019


Part of the generation of architects who were trained to draw both by hand and with digital tools, Nalina Moses recently returned to hand drawing. Finding it to be direct, pleasurable, and intuitive, she wondered whether other architects felt the same way. Single-Handedly is the result of this inquiry. An inspiring collection of 220 hand drawings by more than forty emerging architects and well-known practitioners from around the world, this book explores the reasons they draw by hand and gives testimony to the continued vitality of hand drawing in architecture. The powerful yet intimate drawings carry larger propositions about materials, space, and construction, and each one stands on its own as a work of art.


ISBN: 9781616897260

256 pagina's, 220 kleurenillustraties, 25 x 20 cm, hardcover, Engels