Sigmar Polke

Miracle of Siegen

Eva Schmidt, Siegfried Gohr, Charles W. Haxthausen

Dumont, Köln, 2009



Polke applies a layer of structure gel, usually used to thicken acrylic paint, to a previously painted picture and then slides a saw-toothed scraper over the surface, to which he later adds more paint. The resulting works have an unexpected three-dimensional quality, providing the viewer with different images according to the anglefrom which the painting is viewed. Photographs showing the paintings in progress all specially selected for the book by Polke reveal the artist’s idiosyncratic use of surface, his application of colour and his subtly humorous way of combining abstraction and realism.

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ISBN: 9783832190484

124 pages, numerous color illustrations, 30 × 24 cm, hardcover, bilingual German/English