Shaping Voices. Talking and Thinking about Graphic Design

A Shapeshifters Anthology

Steven Devleminck, Inge Gobert, Johan Van Looveren

Oogachtend, Leuven, 2010


Shaping Voices aims to discuss the questions (and possible answers) concerning the development of new concepts for re-evaluating contemporary design practice and theory. The book contains the ideas and reflections of a variety of authors, ranging from a selection of designers and artists who have addressed this question within the framework of their work and design practice, to researchers and media art and design theorists who are facing these questions in their daily routine as lecturers and coaches of design students. The book is intended to be a means for the authors and contributors to communicate their shared passion regarding the rich potential of the design landscape for enlivening our environment.

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ISBN: 9789077549599

144 pagina's, 20 x 22 cm, illustraties in kleur, hardcover, Engels