Shaker: Function – Purity – Perfection

David Stocks, Jerry Grant, introduction by Sir Terence Conran

Assouline, 2020


Shaker: Function, Purity, Perfection is an homage to the traditional Shaker values of grace and simplicity. Featured are twenty-eight essential pieces that highlight the defining elements of Shaker design and demonstrate the Shaker dedication to perfection. Each table, chair, and chest of drawers is captured through bold, original images that reflect careful craftsmanship dating back to the eighteenth century. English designer and furniture guru Sir Terence Conran speaks about the profound influence of Shaker techniques on twentieth-century furniture. Shaker includes writings on Shaker history, tradition, and furniture-making techniques by museum experts David Stocks and Jerry Grant, as well as archival images from Mount Lebanon’s Shaker Museum. This inclusive volume sheds light on the Shaker dedication to quality and precision and the continued relevance of these values in design today.


ISBN: 9781614284277

144 pagina's, 90 illustraties, 27,5 x 19,4 cm, hardcover, Engels