Sean Scully. A Retrospective

Donald Kuspit, Maris Lluisa Borras, Danilo Eccher, Lorand Hegyi

Thames & Hudson, London, 2008


out of print

“If there is such a thing as an ‘advance’ in transcendental abstraction…then Scully’s paintings, simultaneously gestural and geometrical, are that advance. They breathe new spiritual life and subtlety into transcendental abstraction, showing that it not only remains possible and viable, but that it is necessary in these spiritually dark art times.”—Donald Kuspit

Over more than thirty years, Sean Scully has produced a vibrant, compelling, and constantly inventive body of work that is widely collected and internationally exhibited. His familiar signature style of lines or bands of color alluding to architectural elements such as portals, windows, and walls is instantly recognizable. His recent “Walls of Light” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art drew almost 100,000 visitors and received widespread critical acclaim

ISBN: 978-0500093382

176 p., 158 ill. waarvan 133 in kleur, Hardcover, Engels