Scales of Interiors: Parks, Gardens, Objects

Inclusive Interiors 07

Madalina Ghibusi, Maryam Khatibi, Chiara Pradel

Politecnica & Maggioli Editore, 2019


From park through gardens and arriving to objects might seem, at the first sight, like a big leap between these three different notions that we propose to call scales, as they are going to be treated by their ability to measure and orientate.
This is what the discourse of this publication aims to highlight: that interior design can reach and enrich on multiple levels. These levels will arrive to some touchpoints in a few cases only to continue afterwards to go in other directions, proving how the research in design and architecture can become a neverending resource for future inquiries.


ISBN: 9788891638830

262 pagina's, 20,8 x 14,2 cm, zw/w illustraties, paperback, Engels