Sanaa/Sejima + Nishizawa: Novartis Campus – Fabrikstrasse 4

Works by Walter Niedermayr

Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel, 2006


The Novartis Campus project is changing the character and appearance of the Novartis factory site in the St. Johann quarter fundamentally, and this is significant in terms of both urban development and the urban space: what used to be a production location is becoming a place of knowledge, innovation and encounter. The master plan on which these changes are based is the work of Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani. He is an architect with a practice in Milan and holds the chair of urban development history at the ETH in Zurich. The following people have worked with him on this commission: Peter Walker for green design, Harald Szeemann for art, Andreas Schulz for lighting and Alain Fletcher for the graphic image. The individual specialized buildings have been designed and executed by invited architects. As the Novartis Campus is not open to the public, the Architekturmuseum is interested in using this present exhibition to shed some light on how these two buildings came into being and to introduce them to a wider public.

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ISBN: 9783856163006

72 pagina's, 26 kleur & 20 z/w illustraties, 24,6 x 31,7 cm, paperback, tweetalig Engels/Duits