San Rocco 66 (#14 Spring 2018)

San Rocco, 2018


San Rocco is a magazine about architecture that is published three times a year on specific themes. San Rocco was launched in September 2010 in Venice on the occasion of the Architecture Biennale.
San Rocco approaches architecture in an eminently simple way: it encourages writing about buildings, drawings, projects, and built or drawn ideas from around the world without having to pay homage to the latest cultural trend.

The topics addressed in each issue are discussed rigorously but also freely, with a sense of ingenuity, sometimes a little bravery, and often a delicate sense of irony, and without insisting upon philological accuracy.

The people who write for San Rocco come from around the world and are among the most stimulating architects, critics, and theorists of our time, including Kersten Geers, Oliver Thill, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Mark Lee, Freek Persyn, Irénée Scalbert, Daniele Pisani, Harry Gugger, Ido Avissar, Stefano Boeri, Pascal Flammer, Job Floris, and Jimenez Lai. With the completion of the magazine’s five-year plan drawing near, the formal conclusion of what could be called the project’s first cycle, San Rocco has revisited its agenda and defined its future goals.

ISBN: 9772038491006

256 pagina's, paperback, Engels