Sally Mann. What Remains

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Sally Mann

Bulfinch, Boston, New York, Londen, 2003


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Broken into four sections for a combined total of 79 images, the book is a meditation on mortality and the human condition. The sections progress from actual death and decay to the images of what still remains after death. Taken with a 100 year-old 8X10 camera with Mann’s hand functioning as the shutter, and using the wet collodion process learnt with Mark Osterman, the images are quite classically Mann’s, with deep blacks and dreamy light patterns. Mann, who has never been a stranger to controversial and difficult images, graphically delves into the emotions and biological processes that make up and constitute death and eventual decay.

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ISBN: 978-0821228432

132 pages, 80 tritone photographs, 32,5 × 29,7 cm hardcover, English