Ryan McGinness. Works

Paintings, Sculptures, Sketches, Drawings, Installations, Editions, and Other Stuff

Peter Halley, David Byrne, Jonathan T.D. Nell, Tom Greenwood, Greg Lindquist

Rizzoli, New York, 2009


Ryan McGinness is an internationally exhibited artist whose skate-punk aesthetic incorporates carefully rendered personal iconography, contemporary semiotics, and layered neo-baroque compositions. His works are in multiple mediums and his signature symbols and visual code have influenced an entire generation of graphic designers. Ryan McGinness Works. is a collection of the artist’s most recent pieces, including installations, prints, sculpture, and paintings. Each body of work is illustrated and discussed in lavish detail, and the process behind each project is told through the use of sketches, diagrams, details, and photographs.

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ISBN: 9780847831968

296 p, hardcover, English