Rough Interiors

Sibylle Kramer

Braun, Salenstein, 2013


The concept of taking the existing material as an idea is what is behind the expression „Rough Interiors“. The building and rooms are taken as they are and the traces of the past are preserved in the sense of remaining visible, into which the design concept is integrated. Old shells are given a new life with the aid of very different design interventions.
It is the breaks, contrasts and contradictions instead of perfect harmony and smooth surfaces which characterise these works. The interiors presented range from low-budget to luxury projects. A fascinating interplay between past and present emerges in the interplay of rough ceilings, un-plastered walls and visible concrete beams together with creative re-use ideas, modern materials and innovative form language.

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ISBN: 9783037681572

240 pagina's, 28 x 24 cm, kleurenillustraties, Hardcover, Engels