Rose Wylie (Museum Langmatt, Baden)

Markus Stegmann

Museum Langmatt, Baden & Hatje Cantz, 2021


Rose Wylie has long been considered one of the highest-profile artists in British contemporary painting, even though—it’s hard to believe—she achieved her international breakthrough just before her eightieth birthday. Out of a broad repertoire of motifs from pop culture, newspaper reports, and everyday life, the artist distills succinct scenes that humorously, yet critically, comment upon current events. In the process, Wylie impressively demonstrates how lighthearted and natural painting today can be. Her large paintings are touching, with their rare sense of ease and playful naivete. With energy and relish they tell of life and death, love and loss, joy and sorrow. And suddenly, surprisingly, the traditional themes of art history descend from their pedestals and meet us at eye level.


ISBN: 9783775747431

120 pagina's, 32 x 18 cm, 22 kleurillustraties, paperback, Engels/Duits