Ron Arad

No Discipline

Marie-Laure Jousset

Editions du Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2008


Born in Tel Aviv and trained at the Jerusalem Academy of Art, followed by the Architectural Association School in London, Ron Arad settled in London in 1973, where he has since produced a very varied range of creative objects based on sinusoidal, elliptical and oval forms, as unique pieces, limited series and mass-produced objects.

The name of Ron Arad immediately conjures up pieces such as the Bookworm bookcase (1993) and the Tom Vac chair (1997), but his surprising work goes beyond any easy classification and expresses a free creative spirit working without constrictions or frontiers in design, architecture and the plastic arts. Ron Arad defines himself as belonging to “No discipline”.

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ISBN: 9782844263360

216 p., paperback, Français