Roger Boltshauser. Works: A Primer to Space/ Elementares zum Raum

Flury, Aita (ed.)

Springer, Wien/New York, 2008


out of print

Everyone has a feeling and sensitivity for space. These are rooted in human physiognomy, and depend on an elementary sensory perception relating to the most fundamental human conditions and experiences. The inhabitant or user experiences space in the form of expressive architectonic traits via the senses. It is imperative for the architect, as an active moulder of space, to become conscious of the causes of the sensory consequences of his or her design. In this sense the publication is to be understood as a venture against the negligence and obscuring of the obvious, and as the search for the identification and denomination of spatially relevant aspects.

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ISBN: 978-3-211-79179-0

230 p., numerous ill., hardcover, English/German