Rodchenko & Popova

Defining Constructivism = OUT OF PRINT

Margarita Tupitsy, Christina Kiaer, Aleksandr Rodchenko

Tate Publishing, London, 2009


out of print

Alexander Rodchenko (1891-1956) and Lyubov Popova (1889-1924) were involved in the Russian avant-garde during its most exciting period following the Russian Revolution, as they and other artists took part in the attempt to create a new world. As leading lights in the Constructivist movement they were responsible for an astonishing array of iconic works. This groundbreaking book, the first to give the female and male artist equal status, will throw new light on their achievements and the extent of their influence, still felt today.
The book will be in four main sections, each examining the artists’ production during a particular time period. Section 1 spans the years from the Revolution in 1917 to 1921, when both artists believed that abstract art had the potential to transform everyday life. Popova was perhaps the leading painter of the Constructivist movement

ISBN: 9781854377688

192 p., 27,6 x 22,8 cm, 200 col.ill, paperback, English