Robert Huber, Stephan Vanfleteren: Elvis & Presley

Robert Huber, Stephan Vanfleteren

Kruse, Hamburg, 2000


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”The King is Alive!”…The journey of the photographers Robert Huber and Stephan Vanfleteren began in New York somewhere along 42nd street. It ended three weeks and eleven states later in Death Valley. Everything the two artists did during their journey, they did dressed as Elvis Presley, the King of Rock’n’Roll. The artists photographed each other, with Presley (Vanfleteren) in black and white, and Elvis (Huber) in color. ”Elvis” and ”Presley” crossed the country riding Greyhound buses and subways, hitch-hiking, strolling through malls or ending up in small town bars where strange women embraced them. While as photojournalists they were accustomed to remaining behind the scenes, here Huber and Vanfleteren found themselves suddenly thrust into the spotlight of their own work. What emerges is a hyperreal road movie, a media-damaged update of Robert Frank’s “The Americans “, in which two Europeans step into the boundless television screen that is America.

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ISBN: 9783934923062

98 pagina's, 45 kleuren & 45 z/w illustraties, 28,5 × 28,5 cm, Hardcover, Engels