Research and Design for Fashion (Fourt Edition)

Richard Sorger, Simon Seivewright

Bloomsbury, 2021


Fashion demands a steady flow of creative ideas. Research and Design for Fashion will guide you through the research techniques that could spark your next original collection. With practical advice on designing effective moodboards, recycling existing garments and getting to know your customer, this new edition will help you master the research process and apply it to your own designs. There’s also a wealth of advice through interviews with exceptional designers, including Christopher Raeburn, ThreeASFOUR and Magdaléna Mikulicáková, as well as updated imagery of the research and design work behind both single garments and entire collections.

This fourth edition also explores how cultural events, historical anniversaries and sport influences can be the starting point for a collection. There’s also more on creative ways of recording your findings and designing for menswear, childrenswear and gender-neutral clothing.


ISBN: 9781350130982

224 pagina's, 150 kleurillustraties, 23 x 16 cm, paperback, Engels