Renaissance Watercolours from Dürer to Van Dyck (V&A)

Mark Evans, Elania Pieragostini

V&A Publications, 2020


Many of the most beautiful Renaissance portraits, botanical illustrations, and landscape paintings are watercolors. This book, published to accompany an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, presents these diverse and fragile artworks together for the first time. Spanning the period 1450–1640, it brings together 150 paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Hans Holbein, Nicholas Hilliard, and Anthony van Dyck, as well as exquisite works by less well-known artists, including Giulio Clovio, Joris Hoefnagel, Jacopo Ligozzi, and Jacques le Moyne de Morgues.


ISBN: 9781851779772

224 pagina's, 27,5 x 24 cm, 200 illustraties, hardcover, Engels