Remember Me: Renaissance Portraits

Sara van Dijk, Matthias Ubl

Rijksmuseum, 2021


Around 1500, portraiture flourished like never before. In countless European cities major Renaissance artists like Hans Holbein II, Albrecht Dürer, Hans Memling and Antonello da Messina produced lifelike portraits at the highest artistic level. For the first time in history, they not only immortalized kings and noblemen but also, and increasingly, powerful bankers, wealthy merchants and renowned scholars. These paintings, busts, medallions, prints and drawings still bear witness to their power, status, ambitions, friendships and religious convictions.

Remember Me uses international masterpieces and surprising unknowns to tell the personal stories of the people portrayed. How did they want to be remembered? Whether they are lovers, celebrities or believers worshipping saints, the people portrayed implore the onlookers not to forget them.


ISBN: 9789462086500

268 pagina's, 175 kleurillustraties, 29 x 23 cm, paperback, Engels