Raw Data

Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks

Steven Heller, Rick Landers

Thames & Hudson, London, 2014


Raw Data presents work by seventy-three of the world’s most innovative information graphics designers.
Now that huge amounts of information can be gathered and processed with ever-greater speed, graphic designers and illustrators are playing a crucial role in explaining what all the collected data really means and how we can make sense of it to improve our personal and professional lives.
More than just a survey of finished work, Raw Data gets behind the final image to reveal how a stack of numbers can be transformed into a beautiful image rich with meaning and explanation.
Among the international practices included are those who have been leading the way in the infographics revolution, along with a new generation of designers only just emerging from university.

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ISBN: 9780500517451

352 pagina's, 445 kleur & 194 z/w illustraties, 29.70 × 22 cm, hardcover, Engels