Raoul De Keyser. Aguarelas/Watercolours

Out of print

Serralves Foundation, Porto and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln, 2009


out of print

This publication presents 59 watercolours which Raoul De Keyser made between 2000 and 2008. Watercolours are one part of this eminent painters oeuvre that has to date remained virtually unknown to the wider public. As Ulrich Loock argues in his essay his paintings are triggered usually by a specific observation, location, or situation, by a painterly precedent or an object belonging to his close environment which is then embraced and consumed by the particular work or group of works on their way to gain a sort of selfsufficiency. While thewatercolours are one part of Raoul De Keysers oeuvre and share the concerns he is engaged with in his painted work, they belong at the same time to a field of experimentation which presents clues for his paintings.

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ISBN: 9783865606280

80 pages, color illustrations, 32,3 × 25,3 cm, hardcover, bilingual English/Portuguese