PWP Landscape Architecture: Building Ideas

John Dixon Hunt, Gina Crandell, and Jane Gillette

ORO Editions, 2017


John Dixon Hunt introduces PWP Landscape Architecture: Building Ideas with a discussion of how we read landscapes and, hence, how they are designed with the reader/client in mind and the historical implications of such efforts. Peter Walker, Gary Hilderbrand, and Gina Crandell trace the history of Peter Walker’s various firms from the 1950s until 2000, and Jane Gillette discusses some recent projects in terms of using consultants to further design ideas.

Twelve finished projects, seven works in progress, and three competitions, from roughly 2000 to 2015, demonstrate the firm’s goals and achievements with an emphasis on the expansion of landscape architecture from the surrounds of buildings to self-sufficient entities that express the highest accomplishments of both ecological function and design.

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ISBN: 9781935935643

280 pagina's, 300 illustraties, 27,9 × 22,8 cm, hardcover, Engels