Publiek Park: Walking Guide / Wandelgids (Edition of 500 copies)

Marc Cosyns, Els De Vos, Lisa Lambrechts Cruz, Anna Luyten, Samuel Saelemakers, Marjan Sterckx, Bart Verschaffel, Maya Jacobs, Annabelle van Son, Jef Declercq, Anna Laganovska, Koi Persyn, Adriënne van der Werf o.a.

Vrienden v/h SMAK, 2021


Walking Guide is a publication following the open-air group exhibition Publiek Park, that is situated in the enchanting surroundings of Citadel Park. Building upon the layers of narratives already present in the park – its history, surrounding myths and social dynamics – twenty-two local and international artists present artworks, which reflect and expand the experience of Citadel Park as an urban and natural public space. The exhibition is conceived as a promenade, following a route of familiar pathways and hidden corners, including the Botanical Garden and locations in the park that are ordinarily not accessible to the public. Each day of Publiek Park is supplemented by a lively programme of public events – opening performances on Thursday, experimental music concerts on Friday, avant-garde film screenings on Saturday and a theatrical spectacle on Sunday. Walking guide offers a full experience of Publiek Park. Following the walking route of the exhibition, the Walking Guide provides historical information about the park’s locations, collected by two researchers (Maya Jacobs and Annabelle van Son). The publication is supplemented with diverse reflections and various essays by seven contemporary thinkers (Marc Cosyns, Els De Vos, Lisa Lambrechts Cruz, Anna Luyten, Samuel Saelemakers, Marjan Sterckx and Bart Verschaffel) and contributions of the exhibiting artists (Kristaps Ancāns, Ines Claus, CMMC, Marc Cosyns, Koba De Meutter, Marcin Dudek, Helen Anna Flanagan, Mark Grootes, Polina Kanis, Gaëlle Leenhardt, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Quenton Miller, Mountaincutters, Anthony Ngoya, Shalva Nikvashvili, Jacopo Pagin, Laure Prouvost, Clara Spilliaert, Evita Vasiļjeva & Xuan-Lin Wang). Publiek Park is curated by Jef Declercq, Anna Laganovska, Koi Persyn & Adriënne van der Werf. Walking Guide is made possible by the support of the Heritage service of East-Flanders.

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335 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 22,5 x 12 cm, paperback, Nederlands/Engels