Peter van Agtmael: Buzzing at the Sill

Kehrer, 2017



Buzzing at the Sillis Peter van Agtmael’s exploration of the United States in the shadow of the post 9/11 wars. A sequel to his critically acclaimed Disco Night Sept. 11, it begins on a dusk flight over an anonymous landscape, moving unsentimentally- and sometimes surreally- into images of race, class, war, memory, torture, nationalism, family, and place. The images have a troubled beauty that avoids polemic and cliche. Short texts throughout explore the experiences that led to this distinct vision.
In the back, a text booklet folds seamlessly out to further describe the context behind the images- revealing hidden history, personal stories, and detailed background.
At a troubling historical moment when many wonder how well they know and understand America, Buzzing at the Sill reveals the little seen margins of the country, from coast to coast, city to country, and everything in between.

ISBN: 9783868287363

192 pagina's, 22,6 x 17,2 cm, hardcover, Engels 192 pages, hardcover, English