Peter Märkli: Zeichnungen / Drawings

Peter Märkli, Florian Beigel & Philip Christou, Erich Brändle, Alexander Brodsky, Irina Davidovici, o.a.

Quart Verlag, 2015


Drawings have accompanied the architectural work of Peter Märkli since his very first projects in the 1980s. They are patiently produced images and thoughts that occasionally have an associative relationship with the designs. Often however, they represent the independent, free notation of inner images. This volume collects most of those drawings. Eight texts by various authors from different cultural fields and an overview of all drawings produced since their beginnings complement the collection of these remarkable graphic studies.
Peter Märkli has been one of the most important Swiss architects since the 1980s and has a very special status among them.

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ISBN: 978-3-03761-123-4

240 pagina's, 24 × 28 cm, 355 illustraties, paperback, Engels/Duits