Peter Eisenman: Fin D’ous T Hou S (Architectural Association, 1985)

Peter Eisenman, Nina Hofer, Jeffrey Kipnis

Architectural Association, 1985


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Signed edition. Boxed set of 28 plates: 14 embossed and 14 full-color. Enclosed booklet contains Peter Eisenman’s drawings of the project and essays by Nina Hofer and Jeffrey Kipnis. Every single page is signed in pencil by Eisenman.

In this Folio, a sequence of fourteen drawings showing four stages in the development of Eisenman’s conceptual formula, or rather anti-formula (decomposition), are interpreted in high-quality nine-color plates and in tri-level embossed plated. The full sequence is illustrated in a 24 pages booklet, along with an explanatory text, which accompanies the plates. Graphic Design: Massimo Vignelli.Our copy is in perfect condition.



box 32 x 32, 28 boxed plates, 24-page illustrated catalogue with 14 line drawings, English