Paul Mc Carthy. Piccadilly Circus – Bunker Basement

Robert Storr, Paul McCarthy

Steidl / Hauser & Wirth, London, 2009


“Using the Victorian interior of an abandoned bank on London’s Piccadilly as the on-site location for this video performance, and a rudimentary re-creation of that bank’s subterranean vaults in his studio outside Los Angeles for supplementary footage, McCarthy has staged a slapstick Twilight of the Gods that also doubles as the most disturbing Sadeian fantasia since Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salo.” Robert Storr
A president (George W. Bush), multiple Queen Mums, and a terrorist (Osama bin Laden) are the protagonists, “With their oversized heads and giant clown shoes, they resemble strangely hybrid creatures… cartoon characters that shit, bleed, and possess real genitals.” Ralph Rugoff

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ISBN: 9783865216267

348 pages, numerous illustrations, 30.5 x 31 cm, two-volume hardcover, English