Paul Graham

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Paul Graham & Michael Mack (Ed.)

SteidlMack, Göttingen, 2009


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Graham has continued to push the envelope, demonstrating a commitment to expanding photography’s artistic space, and to the unity of documentary and artistic considerations in an unblinking engagement with life as it unfolds. Today, he ranks alongside figures like Nan Goldin, Andreas Gursky, Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Rineke Djikstra as a precursor and an eminence. Graham’s most recent volume, A Shimmer of Possibility (published in 2007 and already a collector’s item–and available below in a new paperback edition), was hailed by critics as a paradigm shifter at a time when art photography is increasingly staged or seems to hold the world at arm’s length. This volume, which coincides with a touring European retrospective, appraises 25 years of Graham’s work, from 1981 to 2006, tracking his steady expansion of our notions of what photography can say, be or look like.

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ISBN: 9783865218582

384 pages, 250 color images, 28,5 x 23,5 cm, hardcover, English