Paul Cupido: Amazonia

Paul Cupido, Hugo Fernando Salinas Fortes Júnior

Alauda Publications, 2019


There is perhaps no place on our planet that is imbued with more spirituality than the Amazon rainforest. During his artist’s residency at LABVERDE, a programme for artistic immersion in the Brazilian Amazon, Paul Cupido took his camera and entered into a silent dialogue with this enchanting and mystical environment, focusing on leaves, foliage, water, and the moon. His photographic work revolves around the principle of mu, a philosophical concept that is open to countless interpretations. Mu can be considered a void, albeit one that holds potential. With ‘Amazônia’, he explores the ephemeral and symbolic correspondences between the body and the earth.


ISBN: 9789082396645

132 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 32 x 20 cm, paperback, Portugees/Engels