Patterns of Fashion Vol 1, 1660–1860

Englishwomen’s Dresses and Their Construction, c. 1660–1860

Janet Arnold

Macmillan, Londen, 1977


out of print

Patterns of Fashion 1 focuses on Englishwomen’s dresses and their construction form 1660 up to 1860—when the sewing machine came into general use. Drawings taken from original garment specimens in collections throughout England are supplementd with details showing their construction and laid out on grid paper along with construction comments and fabric details. From wrapping gowns, riding habits, pelisses, and chemises to sack dresses, morning dresses, and wedding dresses Janet Arnold lays out patterns for costume construction.

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ISBN: 9780333136065

76 pages, numerous illustrations and patterns, 26,4 × 36,8 cm, paperback, English