Pancho Guedes Has Never Been to Japan

Journeys through the photographic archives of A.d’A.M.Guedes

José Luís Tavares, Lucio Magri and João Faria (Eds.)

ESAD, Matosinhos, 2015


With Pancho Guedes, journeys proliferate, overlap and expand. Just as in the ideal space of dreams, routes are not logically planned. Going around the corner in the pulsing heart of New York’s 5th Avenue, you find Tombwa, in the Namib Desert. If you glance out of a Soweto house window you can see Sheffield’s Hyde Park Flats. Believing to be in Eugaria, you find yourself on Eclectica’s biggest island instead.

Pancho Guedes positions himself face to face with a global world in which he moves around as in fragments of villages remembering other villages, far away. The unprecedented publication of photographic records accumulated over more than six decades has unique perspectives of places spread across different continents, and reveals the universality of the aesthetic and critical relationships that he has always established with what surrounds him.

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ISBN: 9789899906013

355 pagina's, 24 × 17,5 cm, foto's in kleur, hardcover, Engels