Palermo: Complete Works. Vol. 1) Zeichnungen / Drawings, Vol.2) Bilder und Objekte / Paintings and Objects

Thordis Moeller, Christoph Schreier, Peter Heisterkamp

Oktagon Verlag, 1994


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A catalogue raisonné of the work of Blinky Palermo (1943-1977), who in his 15 active years as an artist created an oeuvre of nearly 800 works. This two volume publication documents the overview of his drawings, paintings and objects.
With original plastic wrappers. The inner flap of volume 1 is slightly damaged, in the bibliography 2 reference books are marked with a green marker. For the rest are our copies in very good condition!



Vol.1: 232 pagina's, 201 kleurillustraties, Vol.2: 187 pagina's, 402 kleurillustraties, 28,5 x 30,5 cm, hardcovers, Engels/Duits