One Photo a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Inspiring Ways to Show and Look Around

Joost Joossen

Luster, 2022


One Photo A Day Keeps the Doctor Away is not a book to help you improve your photography technique or skills. Through 160 photo challenges it encourages you to slow down, look around and be more aware of your surroundings.

Some examples:
– Take a photo of yourself before and after a workout. See what happens to your face
– Photograph your house as if you were going to sell it
– Meet up with a friend and don’t say where you are, show them in pictures
– Search the streets for something that is broken and photograph the beauty of imperfection

You don’t need a fancy camera, the one on your phone will do just fine. Anyone can practise being more present through photography. To inspire you, each challenge is accompanied by a carefully selected quote, sourced from a diverse collection of thinkers, writers, artists and philosophers.
Taking out a moment in your busy day to create a thoughtful image will sharpen your focus and creativity. And you can share your discoveries, using the hashtag that goes with each challenge.


ISBN: 9789460583278

240 pagina's, 160 illustraties in kleur, 18 x 13 cm, paperback, Engels