On Kawara. Whole and Parts

Various authors

Les Presses du réel, 1996


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Monograph conceived by the artist, presented in three chapters: works (1964-1995), texts (around thirty since 1970), the most important solo and group shows since 1969.
On Kawara situates his artistic activity at the exact intersection of the objective with the subjective at a given moment where the position and meaning of this point have become the focus of interest, particularly in the field of art.
Texts by W. M. Faust, K. Amagasaki, P. de Jonge, A. Romorer, K. Schampers, T. O’Connor, J. Decter, R. Puvogel, E. Lebovici, R. Nickas, T. Hiraide, D. Came ron, M. Miura, D. Karshan, K. Miyauchi, R. Denizot, P. Hulten, L. Lippard, T. Minemura, P. Nilson, S. Baba, H. Hosono, S. Matsuoka, D. Higginbotham, S. Yamada.

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ISBN: 978-2-84066-024-8

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