Offline Matters: The Less-Digital Guide to Creative Work

Jess Henderson

Bis Publishers, 2020


Offline Matters is a handbook of radical strategies for creative workers. The guide blows open the true state of today’s creative work where digital solutions are doctrine, overwork culture results in burnouts and ideas churn out into depressing marketing noise.
Part of the vanguard of young minds exposing the insides of contemporary workplaces, Jess Henderson is a peerless voice of the many. Representing the growing body of precarious creative workers “saying what nobody else is saying,” Henderson addresses an array of issues from a stance of mutual aid and solidarity.
A wake-up call for the digital age, Offline Matters is pro-flourishing rather than anti-technology. Take this countercultural ride of togetherness through an offline-first approach to creative work. From ideas that unlearn the limiting habits of most workplaces, to insider advice on avoiding clichés and reducing digital overload, this book offers practical thoughts for a creative life that questions pervasive productivity mandates. Sharp, intelligent and subversive, this book is an essential resource for any creative professional.


ISBN: 9789063695781

160 pagina's,18 x 14,5 cm, geïllustreerd, paperback, Engels