Numbers in Graphic Design

Roger Fawcett-Tang

Laurence King Publishing, London, 2012


Focusing on how graphic designers tackle the ordering of number-heavy information, this book shows how the best design minds around grapple with timetables, annual reports and other data-rich documents. It also includes a chapter outlining the basic typographic and detailing rules relating to numbers. Featuring the work of such names as Stefan Sagmeister, Karin von Ompteda, Joost Grootens, Socket Studio, Stapelberg & Fritz, Form, Willi Kunz, Helmut Schmid, Build and Cartlidge Levene, Numbers in Graphic Design is bursting with inspirational examples of how to approach almost any design situation featuring numbers. Numbers in Graphic Design is the sourcebook for any designer who wants to be able to work with numbers creatively and with confidence.

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ISBN: 9781780670034

320 pagina's, 450 illustraties in kleur, 24,5 × 19 cm, paperback, Engels