Nick Ervinck GNI-RI 2006

Muriel Andrin, Guy Bovyn, Sabine Dorscheid, Philippe Van Cauteren

Koraalberg, Antwerpen, 2006


In his digital prints and animations Nick Ervinck creates a surrealistic space by strange combinations of forms and by playing widely with volumes, proportions and colours.
At least, one can say the virtual world of this artist is strange. Polymorphic, synthetic forms invade ‘seemingly’ authentic rooms, monumental buildings are detached from the ground and become living sculptures or daring combinations of ships, churches and skyscrapers float over an endless sea. This world is a fiction, constructed and deconstructed by an almighty creator. Tired of playing games by others, Nick Ervinck created his own world.

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ISBN: 9789090218052

108 pagina's, 24 x 17 cm, kleurenillustraties, paperback + DVD, tweetalig: Engels/Nederlands