New Modernist Type

Steven Heller, Gail Anderson

Thames & Hudson, London, 2012


Modernism’s timeless functionality and utilitarian beauty are constantly reinterpreted in the world of design. New Modernist Type gathers hundreds of contemporary examples showing how simplicity, clarity and homage to historical modernism are still at play in the work of today’s most exciting graphic designers.
Steven Heller, design historian and critic, and Gail Anderson, designer and educator, have made an international selection of ‘new modernist’ designs, from classical, constructivist or retro works to optical, kinetic or metaphorical creations. Heller’s highly informed commentary illuminates the historical context of these new tendencies.

With its breathtaking spectrum of modernist typographies created for today’s design briefs, New Modernist Type is an essential sourcebook and inspiration for student and professional graphic designers.

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ISBN: 9780500241417

272 pagina's, 567 afbeeldingen, 21.5 x 23.5 cm, paperback, Engels