Neo-Prehistory 100 Verbs

Andrea Branzi, Kenya Hara

Lars Müller, 2016


out of print

Exist, orient, store, inebriate, measure, exchange, store, recite, write, think, navigate, love, share, rule, play, boil, adore, pierce, kill… The curators Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara selected one hundred verbs, connected to one hundred objects, to let us travel across human history; words which relate to actions which relate to objects. Walking through the exhibition Neo-Prehistory at Triennale di Milano and reading this book means becoming lost in a space out of time, dark and multiplied by mirrors that make the exhibition apparently boundless. An infinite space where the hypnotic sequence of artifacts is emphasized by the primeval sound of a heartbeat slowing down and then accelerating rhythmically in a mesmeric cycle.

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ISBN: 9783037784938

290 pagina's, 160 illustraties, 15,5 × 24 cm, hardcover, Engels/Italiaans/Japans