My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Arthoholic

Everything You Need to know about Art, Ads, Life, God and Other Mysteries and weren't Afraid to Ask

Charles Saatchi

booth-clibborn 2012 HC


One of the most influential art collectors of our time and founder of the global advertising agency, Charles Saatchi answers questions about art, collecting and his personal life.
Famously reclusive, he has answered with brutal frankness questions put to him by journalists, critics and the general public.
With unflinching honesty he reveals his opinions on collecting, artists, dealers, advertising, how to invest in art and his favourite recipe.
Coincides with a television programme provisionally entitled ‘Saatchi’s Art Star’ being broadcast on BBC 2 in October 2009.

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ISBN: 9781861543332

176 pagina's, 55 afbeeldingen, 12 x 18 cm, paperback, Engels