Mutabor. I’m going to change

Heinrich Paravicini, Mutabor Design, Johannes Plass

Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, 2007


The design studio Mutabor is primarily known for its succinct logos and icons that have also been presented in dgv bestsellers Lingua Grafica and Lingua Universalis. Mutabor is Latin and literally means “I’m Going to Changeâ€?; this broader collection of commercial work is so titled to reflect the company’s adaptability and range as well as its name.

I’m Going to Change is a rich volume of over 300 pages that presents 99 Mutabor projects. The diverse examples include the design of packaging for Adidas and L’Oréal, print media for Greenpeace and Bulthaup as well as opulent automobile tradeshow stands and showrooms for Audi. The book contains not only finished projects, but as yet unpublished drafts, sketches and studies that served as inspiration for Mutabor’s creative process.

The compelling images and insightful texts in I’m Going to Change reveal the approach and style of an internationally renowned design company. This insider’s view makes the book interesting for all designers, but especially those just beginning their careers.

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ISBN: 9783899551778

304 pages, 20,4 x 26,6 cm, full colour illustrations, hardcover, bilingual English / German