Mister Finch: Living in a Fairytale World

Mister Finch

Glitterati Incorporated, 2014, reprint 2016


This first book by famous textile artist Mister Finch is a gorgeous collection of the artist’s fantastical, one-of-a-kind creatures. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, as well as British folklore, Finch mingles fairytales and reality to create a magical world all his own. Peek inside Finch’s Yorkshire studio, a place brimming with buttons and scraps of fabric, where spindly-legged spiders keep watch over mischievous hares and carpet-winged moths perch majestically atop bookshelves. Finch’s critters have been called “wonderfully peculiar and completely charming”, “a joy for the eye and the soul”. Many of these pieces were born of treasures lost and forgotten: velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress and a vintage apron become birds and beasts, looking for new owners and adventures. The pages of this book are strewn with creatures who prove that anything is possible in the fairytale world of Mister Finch.

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ISBN: 9780991341979

224 pagina's, 25,5 x 20 cm, 350 kleurenillustraties, hardcover, Engels