Miquel Barceló – The African Work

Out of print

Caroline Hancock

TurnerLibros, Madrid, 2009


out of print

Barceló first travelled to Africa in 1988. The immediate impact that the land and its people had on him has brought the artist back year after year on a quest to absorb the vital essence and artistic fertility that the continent, and the Republic of Mali in particular, have provided him. This catalogue, released to coincide with a travelling exhibition with the same title, gathers together a great number of works on paper, books of sketches and small canvases produced in Africa. Also included are ceramics, bronze works and larger-sized paintings, which were not created in Africa, but which share key elements with other African experiences. Extensively illustrated, the publication also includes an interview with the artist, essays and a chronology of the artist’s African travels.

ISBN: 9788475068312

264 pages, 24 × 26 cm, 172 colour & 11 b/w illustrations paperback, English