Mike Kelley: 99.9998% Remaining

Harald Falckenberg

Walther König, 2012


out of print

Harald Falckenberg, one of the most important collectors of Mike Kelley’s works, gives in his essay a detailed overview over the various periods in the development of this artist. In detail Falckenberg investigates the influences of the art-market on Kelley’s production and the reasons for the suicide of the artist in January, 2012. Beside documentary photographs of important exhibitions of Mike Kelley between 1982 and 2011, and reproductions of seminal works from various periods the book offers numerous stills from the legendary videos by and/or with Mike Kelley, like Banana Man (1983), Heidi (1992) in collaboration with Paul McCarthy, EVOL (1984) by Tony Oursler, Sir Drone (1989) by Raymond Pettibon.

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ISBN: 9783863352318

96 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 22 x 29 cm, paperback, Engels