Michaël Borremans. Automat

Martin Germann, Veit Görner

Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2009


out of print

Michaël Borremans’ work spans a wide arc through the resonance chamber of art history all the way to the present. His painterly, graphic or filmic works present situations of human alienation and isolation, triggered by visible or imagined influences of power. He works here with the depiction of individual persons or groups which seem to be isolated in certain actions or rituals. Upon close scrutiny or through filmic repetition, the scenes become picture puzzles. Borremans’ works may also be read as possible commentaries on visual phenomena of the present which, in their impulse towards legibility, are increasingly coming to resemble each other and are thereby becoming inscrutable.

Just like his films, Borremans’ paintings live from a pronounced emphasis on light, color and dimension. This method makes numerous references to the paintings of the old masters.

With texts by Martin Germann and Hans Rudolf Reust and a foreword by Veit Görner, the volume presents a selection of drawings and excerpts from Borremans’s filmic oeuvre. It also includes a series of new paintings.

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ISBN: 9783775724418

72 pages, 40 color illustrations, 17,1 × 22 cm, hardcover, bilingual English/German