Markus Lüpertz: Über die Kunst zum Bild (Haus der Kunst)

Danièle Cohn, Éric Darragon, Rudi Fuchs, Pamela Kort, a. o.

Haus der Kunst München & Walther König, 2019


The catalogue brings the significance of Lüpertz’s serial manner of working into focus.
More than 200 paintings and drawings reveal not only how deeply interconnected his oeuvre is, but just how much it is informed by a cinematic manner of looking at the world. Two artistic phases are at the core of the exhibition: the time period between 1963 and 1980 and that extending from 2000 to today.
Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Markus Lüpertz. Über die Kunst zum Bild at Haus der Kunst, Munich (13 September 2019 — 26 January 2020).


ISBN: 9783960986942

600 pagina's, 30 x 26 cm, 300 kleurenillustraties, paperback, Engels / Duits