Manuel Cervantes Estudio: Arquitectura 2011-2021 (TC Cuadernos 150)

TC Quadernos, 2021


The duality between vernacular and modern has long been presented in Mexican architecture as either tension or balance.
Manuel Cervantes offers us his particular synthesis of this way of conceiving architectural modernity in Mexico with works that also transmit a delicate balance between reason and emotion.
This monograph collects in almost 300 pages his main works between 2011 and 2021, including both his single-family homes and other larger-scale typologies, with texts, photographs and drawings, as well as with a conversation with his colleagues Macias Peredo that allows us to understand the origins of their thinking through their experiences and relationships.


ISBN: 9788417753283

290 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 29,5 x 23 cm, paperback, Spaans/Engels