Man Ray et la mode

Musée du Luxembourg & Réunion des Musées, 2019


Man Ray arrived in Paris in July 1921 on the advice of Marcel Duchamp who introduced him to Dadaist and then Surrealist artists. He quickly became a photographer for Paul Poiret, Elsa Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel, also working for Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue magazines.
This book presents an unknown aspect of the work of Man Ray, a major artist who renewed fashion photography, which was strictly documentary at the time, and in which he brought a new vision of technical inventiveness and freedom to the glory of women and their clothes. Compositions, cropping, shadow and light effects, solarizations, colorizations and other technical experiments contribute to the creation of dreamlike images.
Nearly 200 illustrations retrace this journey between art and commission: period photographic prints by Man Ray, magazines but also models and fashion accessories.

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ISBN: 9782711874309

248 pagina's, 200 illustraties, 27,8 x 19,8 cm, hardcover, Frans