Malick Sidibé: Mali Twist

Manthia Diawara, André Magnin, Brigitte Ollier, Robert Storr

Fondation Cartier & Éditions Xavier Barral, 2018


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Malick Sidibé was able to capture the vitality of Bamako’s youth and impose his unique style as shown in this exceptional collection of B&W photographs, including many previously unpublished images. The book is structured around his major themes: studio portraits, party photographs and lesser known images of the youth outdoor. The series are punctuated by the authors’ texts, testimonies of personalities who accompanied the artist from the neighborhoods of Bamako to the world’s greatest museums.

ISBN: 9782365111522

296 pagina's, 250 z/w illustraties, 19,5 x 26 cm, Hardcover, Engels