LWRNTZ (Work in Progress)

Mikael Andersson (Ed.)

Andersson Örn, 2022


In this book, we are given a rare glimpse into Mikael Olsson’s ongoing work LWRNTZ: an artistic investigation of Sigurd Lewerentz’(1885–1975) architecture. Olsson’s finalized project will later on be published in a more extensive format, similar to his works ”Södrakull Frösakull” and ”on | auf” . Some of the photographs included here will possibly reappear, others may be reevaluated and disappear along the way. After all, this is a work in progress.

Lewerentz’ work spans over many decades and across a number of building types, styles, materials and techniques. This width is apparent in Olsson’s project, which could be labeled as an excavation of Lewerentz’ architectural remains, both known and unknown, wellpreserved and decayed.

This book is also a dialogue between the artist and photographer Mikael Olsson, and the curator and critic Jan-Erik Lundström – a dialogue, covering the photographic field, its actors, histories and theories, that began with a series of Zoom conversations between Olsson, Lundström and the editor of this book in 2021.


ISBN: 9789152723906

48 pagina's, 14 z/w illustraties, 18 x 14 cm, hardcover, Engels